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Nail Splash Message Boards

Beautytech New Millennium Nail Art and Makeover Contest

Beautytech Message Boards

Australian Airbrush Site! NailParts

All Things Nails

Terri Tarrico; Nails In The Real World

Creative 4 Pros Web Site

IL Dept Of Prof Reg


Nails Magazine

Lasco Drills

History of Nails (Nails Magazine Article)

Light Elegance Gel Nails


NAILTECH page on the beautytech site

Nail Pro Magazine

Light Concept Nails (LCN)

Vicki Peters

Creative Nail Design


Star Nails

IBS Beauty Shows

Long Nails & Nail Art Links % Nailbytes

SpunkA's Secret Society of Geeky Nail Technology

NCA; National Cosmetology Association

Nailco Nail Supplies

MiLady Books (Art & Science of Nail Technology, among others!)

Stellar Nail Products

Odyssey Nail Systems

Envirocare Intl; MSDS info

Jewelry of the Nail

Dixie Art

Too Much Fun Airbrush

Tammy Taylor Nails; Star Nails Canada

Florida Nails Web of nail art

Hair Care Nail Supply

WTAC; work top air cleaners

Nailite Nail Supplies

Chicago Cosm. Assoc./Midwest Beauty Show

Anderson-Bell Nail Tech Malpractice Insurance; through NCA


Museum of Cosmetology Sciences; through NCA

Nail Tech Trainer

Flossie Diamond

Gel Nails Dot Com :-) part of

NSI Nail Systems

Nails Etc

Elite Salon Management Software

Backscratchers and Extreme Nails

International Nail Manufacturers

Nail Tech Mentoring Institute, MN;(Terri Lundberg)

Genesis Acrylic/Omega Nail Systems/Technique Labs(TLC)

Firoze' Nail Care Systems (Check out her bio!)

A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc - Mold testing service in West Palm Beach Fl.

TAFE Courses | Online Education Australia | Open Colleges

Nails Plus Nail Supply

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AEFM (Assoc. of Electril File Mfg) 702-837-0730
Amoresse 800-258-7931
Antoine De Paris 800-222-3243
Aroma Touch 800-569-2527
Atwood Industries(Kupa and Upower Drills and bits) 800-451- 6733
Aztek 800-962-3099
Backscratchers Fiberglass & Extreme System "Acrylic" 800-832-5577
Bell-Anderson Insurance (nail tech malpractice coverage) 800-893-7443
CBS Beauty Supply 800-NAIL-017
China Glaze Polish 800-624-5776
Cosmic Nails 800-655-6245
Creative Nails or 800- 833-NAIL
DeEnterprises 800-433-4630 or 708-345-8088
D'elle Nails 800-445-9403
Digicure 800-247-4130
Dixie Art Airbrush Site
Donalyn Decals 800-336-9902
Dr G's Antimicrobials (Woodward Labs) 800-780-6999 or 562- 598-0800
East Coast Airbrush 800-342-9745
Elegant Glass Fiberglass 800-234-7839
Elizabeth Anthony/Aztec Airbrush 800-888-1701 or 888-848- 1679
Envirocare/MSDS search engine:
Essie Polish 800-232-1155
European Touch 800-626-6912
E-Z Flow 800-552-1477 or 888-439-3569 (888-4EZFLOW)
Flowery Products 800-545-5247
Forsythe Cosmetics (polish) 800-221-8080
Galaxy Nails (Kym Lee) 800-229-NAIL or 909-270-2990
Gena (Paraffin, Manicuring)800-233-4362
H & H Files 800-544-FILE
IBD 800-221-2743
INM (Out The Door Topcoat...)USA 800-541-9836
INM Australia 036961200
INM Netherlands 31-040-2457511
INM So Africa 321253464
Isabel Cristina 800-247-4130 or in NJ 201-313-5700
Jessica Cosmetics (polish) 800-582-4000
Joyart 800-624-5379 Nails/Canada)
Kizmit 800-880-6245
Lasco Drills 800-621-4726
Light Concept Nails/Canada
Light Concept Nails/USA 800-866-2457
Mehaz 800-225-6342 or 888-225-6342
Menda Dispensers 800-77-MENDA
Milady Books 800-347-7707
Nail Art A La Carte 800-NAIL-ART
Nail Stuff "N" More 800-772-5707
Nail Tech Mentoring (Terri Lundberg) 888-818-6735
Nailaire Airbrush 800-548-9307
Nailco 800-362-6245
Nailco 800-362-6245
Nailite Nails Supply 800-222-4472
Nailpro Magazine 800-624-4196
Nails 2000 International 800-633-3599
Nails At Last (Fishbone alternative to acrylic?) 800-653- 1097
Nails Direct Nail Supply 800-828-9347
Nails Etc 800-522-6204 http:/
Nails Magazine 888-NAILS44
The Nail Manufacturers Council 312-245-1595
Nails Plus
No Lift Nails (Fung-Off) 800-779-NAIL
NSI 800-354-6741
Oddyssey Nails (Trang) 407-767-2577
OPI 800-341-9999
Orly Nail polish 800-275-1111
Ott Light 800-842-8848
Paasche Airbrush 800-621-1907
Pacific Airbrush 800-758-1438 or 800-423-0250
Pinnacle 888-544-8214
Pro-Finish 800-880-6245 Kupa Drills 800-994-5872
Quality Beauty Supply 800-374-2777
Safari Airbrush 800-528-1706
Salon Publications
Seche Vite 800-937-3243
Snails Nails Art Charms 561-998-4190
Star Nails or 800-star-nail 800-762- NAIL or 800-257-STAR
Stellar Nail (SPI) 800-624-5707 727-548-9100
Supply Source 800-221-TIPS
Tammy Taylor 800-748-6665
Thayer and Chandler Airbrush 800-548-9307
Too Much Fun Airbrush 800-293-3665
Tweezerman 800-645-3340
Ultronics 800-262-6262
W R Rayson (towels and wipes) 800-526-1526
WTAC (Work Top Air Cleaner) 800-422-9822
Zoya Art of Beauty 800-659-6909