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Vanitee is staking its own claim in this market in Singapore. The local startup’s service aims to bring together independent beauty professionals and their customer base through a website and a mobile app.
The catwalks shone bright with metallic glamour this season, as everyday outfits and evening pieces were injected with an intense hit of glitz and shimmer.
Some artificial nail kits contain toxic chemicals, so it’s important to follow safety precautions when using and storing them.
Your daily 'pretty things' update: Urban Retreat at Harrods have launched a range of Essie manicures that knock everything you've seen on Pinterest out of the water
Nail salon under new ownership, proprietor is a longtime manicurist
All things Italian culture, from iconic art to the catwalks of Milan, are now at your fingertips with the launch of FABY, a nail polish line with over 200 shades.
Nurture your client’s mind, body, and soles with this all-natural, peaceful spa pedicure that’s sure to soothe and calm her senses while making her feet glowing, soft, and beautiful.
This month we asked nail techs: What is the best way to find great employees for your salon?
Fiorina chose to ignore Bedard’s comment about her pale pink nails. She dove right into the substance of his question about whether there were issues that women care about that are different from those men cared about
Her Coachella digits are the dream
A product being used at nail salons is not only growing in popularity with customers, but thieves too.
Amy Bickel Nails is an industry leader in next generation nail art, and has just launched a website to help promote their services to broader Texas audiences.