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Do you have toenails that are yellow, thick and crumbling or splitting? If so, you might have a case of fungal nails … and you’re not the only one. Even some of our favorite celebrities have this problem, too!
The nail polishes are finally up for grabs! Even cooler? Birchbox chose three of the shades they ended up creating based on votes on their Facebook page, so they're pretty much guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers.
A FREE taster session in applying gel overlays to nails will take place on Wednesday, August 21, from 9.30am to 12.30pm.
As ubiquitous as fashion-forward nail art is right now (heck, we’re even scouring the country for the next nail-art star, think back (way back) to the dark days of 2008. There wasn’t much attention paid to creative designs beyond “French” and maybe — if you wanted to be really daring — a nude coat.
Discoverability has quickly evolved as the major hurdle for new authors. How will readers find books in an ever-expanding ocean of titles?
CELEBRITIES like Rihanna and Serena Williams change it more often than they change their hairstyles. From the bright and bold to the sparkling and outrageous, the designs can be as varied and creative as the imagination allows.
CVS Pharmacy has implemented a brand new policy meant to curb the making of meth, and it's all tied to acetone, a common meth-making ingredient.
All aboard the luxury lacquer liner! Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced the release of “The Miss-terranean,” their Fall 2013 Nail Lacquer Collection.
Gel manicures, textured lacquers, stick-on polish strips, nail art kits - we're in a veritable manicure Renaissance.
Today I'd like to show you the monthly grab bag for this month from Winstonia, a great place to buy all the nail art supplies you could want.
If I were to associate a single gemstone with summer, it would be turquoise (technically a mineral but work with me here), conjuring up images of the sunny Southwest or the crystal blue waters of tropical getaways.
Nail art lovers, feast your eyes on this! Bringing fashion to our fingertips are Nails Inc with their new Nails Inc Foil Effect Limited Edition polishes, £12.