Vanessa Hudgens adds a twist to Kylie Jenner's white triangle nail art

Vanessa Hudgens channelled a bit of Kylie Jenner this week when she joined in with the white triangle nail art trend!
08 August, 2014

And the Spring Breakers star added her own personal touch to the look by going for a little extra creativity on her ring finger in the form of an arty, monochrome eye...

© Instagram / @vanessahudgens

Kylie showed off her super-long talons just last week after they'd been freshly painted white with a clear triangle design at the base of her nails.

And on Monday (4 August), Vanessa worked the same, long white mani with tiny triangles of 'no polish' at the base of her square-tipped talons.

But instead of keeping all of her nails the same, Vanessa had an intricate black eye painted on her ring finger.

"Eye see you," Vanessa Instagrammed along with this close-up snap of her take on the white nail trend, after they'd been freshly created by those mani magicians at Laqué Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge in North Hollywood.

© WENN / Judy Eddy - Vanessa also did white nails at the All-Star Red Carpet Affair in Las Vegas last year, 28 April 2013

When not one but two of our favourite celebrities work pretty much the same nail trend, that's a sure sign to the rest of us that we simply have to get in on the look – and quickly!

We already showed you how to do the white, triangle look, so to get a similar (and simpler!) look on your ring finger, we found these cute, clear YRNails Nail Decals in Eye of Horus, £1.50, which can be stuck over any nail colour.

After painting your nails white and leaving the bases free of colour, allow them to dry totally, then stick one of these decals over the top of your polish on your ring finger only.

Next, grab a black nail pen like Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in Black, £6.99, and add extra lines and tiny dots around the eye decal.

When this is touch-dry, finish with a glossy top coat over all of your nails. We love Essie Nails Super Fast Dry Top Coat, £8.99,

YRNails Nail Decals in Eye of Horus, £1.50, Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in Black, £6.99,

by Georgia Goodall