Top 10 Nail Colors to Try This Summer

No one can argue that summer is almost everybody’s favorite time of year to try out some the latest nail polish trends.
04 August, 2014

No one can argue that summer is almost everybody’s favorite time of year to try out some the latest nail polish trends. Whether it’s a bright and bold color or a hip nail art design, celebrities and fashionistas alike love to flaunt their mani-pedis.

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When you go to the nail salon and look at the endless wall of colors, the decision of which color to choose can sometimes be overwhelming. Do I go with the beachy blue or the pastel pink? Or maybe a bright and bold color that will make a statement?
TheCelebrityCafe has compiled a list of the best nail polishes to rock on your fingers and toes while you’re out laying by the pool or chilling at a barbecue. All of these options can be found at your local beauty supply or department store. Make sure to try out some of these colors before summer comes to an end!

1. Go Ginza by Essie

Go Ginza is a soft color that is a mix between lavender and cherry blossom pink. The luxurious color is light and soft but has a pop that makes it stand out on your nails. If you are dying to get in on the pastel trend, Go Ginza is a must-have.

Essie- Go Ginza

2. Alpine Snow by OPI

White isn’t just for a French manicure, ladies! Summer is the best time of year to wear a crisp white on your nails because it will stand out against your tan skin (and even make you actually look tanner!).

OPI "Alpine Snow"

3. Tiffany Blue by Nars

Tiffany Blue is a classic color that everyone can recognize and it is a great option for summertime. The bright blue is summery and vibrant. While you’re waiting to get a little blue box from Tiffany’s, you should definitely give this color a try on your nails.

Tiffany blue by nars

4. Style Hunter by Essie

For all you girls out there that love to make a statement—Style Hunter is for you. This bright crimson pink is hot. You are sure to look stylish and chic while wearing this shade.

Turn up the brights on your mani with this bold spring shade

5. Fiji by Essie

I’ve got to say, I am wearing Fiji right now and couldn’t be happier. If you are a girly girl, you will absolutely love this opaque, pastel pink. The creamy color also looks great against a nice tan!

Essie's Fiji

6. Neon Pink Ombre Nails

There’s no question that ombre is one of the hottest hair trends right now. But who would guess that you could ombre your nails? This tutorial, courtesy of Cosmopolitan, is an easy way to teach you how to have nails that everyone will be talking about.

Why leave your nails pale pink when you can *~oMbRé~* them?

7. Bikini So Teeny by Essie

Just like the name says, Bikini So Teeny will look amazing while you’re rocking a bikini at the pool or beach. This light blue is unique because it has a little bit of shimmer and sparkle in it. It’s subtle, yet beautiful.

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8. Mint Candy Apple by Essie

Pastels are all the rage right now, especially on your nails. Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous, light mint green that would look great on anyone. If you’re looking for a pastel that still has some brightness and fun, this shade is perfect for you.

mint candy apple' - perfect in any season

9. Sand Tropez by Essie

If you are more into neutral colors, Sand Tropez is a great option for you this summer. This pale tan color will remind you of the soft sand in between your feet at the beach. It’s soft and sophisticated but still makes a statement.

"inspired by my love of walking barefoot in the sand, sand tropez is a chic spin on the perfect neutral accessory." - Essie

10. June by Chanel

This shade of orange is perfect for the summer and it is not too loud. Orange isn’t the easiest color to pull off year-round, which is why summer is the best time of year to give it a try.

chanel's 'june'

by Kaitlyn Frey