Shared workspace hair and nail salon opens in Coral Gables

Rodolfo Gual and client Vivian Gallardo of Miami share a laugh on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 at MY SALON Suite in Coral Gables.
10 September, 2015

MY SALON Suite is a multi-service shared workspace salon in Coral Gables where customers can get their hair styled, nails done, a massage or a shave.

Local franchisees Aksel and Lisa Bekirov opened MY SALON in leased space at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Majorca Avenue.

Beauty professionals can rent different types of suites, which vary in size and window options. Members have a weekly flat rental rate that includes utilities, Wi-Fi and a parking space in the building garage. Each suite comes fully furnished with everything installed. The only things a salon professional needs are their tools and the products they use. They have 24/7 access to their space.

“The nice thing is that they don’t have any other investment other than the rent. They come and go whenever they want. They are essentially running their own business,” Bekirov said.

MY SALON Suite in Coral Gables provides space for 27 independent beauty professionals, who operate their own individual salons and have created a co-working environment. Many of the members are beauty industry veterans who have significant local followings.

Aksel spoke about the trend and the advantages of shared workspaces: “There is a trend across the United States moving in that direction. We have had several professionals shut down their salon and move in with us. They see fewer headaches and control their business the way they see fit.”

“This is where the beauty industry is going,” said Johnny Diol, owner of Studio 61 by Johnny Diol. “All the hairdressers are looking into it now. Everyone will have the privilege to have their own place and have more freedom to enjoy life a little bit more.”

For five years, Diol owned his own salon on Miracle Mile. He moved his salon into MY SALON Suite when it opened in May.

“It is peaceful and drama-free. Everyone has their own clientele. Everyone is very professional. We support each other,” Diol said.

The shared workspace benefits stylists because most of them refer their clients to each other for other services.

“Clients love the concept. It’s very convenient for them. They have a multitude of beauty professionals all under one roof,” Aksel said.

“The clients feel special and love the quality of the work. They get one-on-one service. They actually feel pampered,” Diol said.

More locations will soon be appearing in Miami. The owners are considering salons in the Midtown or Pinecrest areas.


MY SALON originated in New Orleans and has been expanding throughout the United States. There are locations in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New York and Texas.


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