's Girl's Night Out!

This perfect girl's night out included mani's, drinks and more!
09 December, 2013

Sunny Norton

It was the perfect girls night out at The DL rooftop on Wednesday December 4th, and it included everything a girl needs to have a good time; her girlfriends, a strong drink and a manicure!

Hosted by and, guests were able to score an exclusive manicure with celebrity manicurist Gerry Holford and her team. With all the manicurists ready for action at each station, guests lined up with their drinks in hand excited to get their nails pampered by the best!

The DL Rooftop was a superb and exclusive setting that allowed guests to move about its spacious floor to mingle with their friends, get drinks at the bar and snack on mini appetizers while waiting for their manicures. There were also plenty of photographers ready to take snapshots of the girls with their fresh, new manis.

Girls getting mani's from Gerry Holford's team
Sunny Norton

Proceeds from the night were donated to Harboring Hearts, an organization that helps heart patients and their families with the support that they need. 

Upon leaving, everyone received an eclectic giftbag filled with products, ranging from complimentary blow out from the Rodolfo Valentin Salon, to a free martial lesson from Anderson Martial Arts, and much more in between! 

The night was a huge success and had an amazing turnout! Every girl in attendance was all smiles after getting their mani and it made for an eventful Wednesday night out on the town with our BFFS!

by Sarah Rome