Luxury Nails customer oriented

Nail salon under new ownership, proprietor is a longtime manicurist
20 April, 2015

Kevin Hoang knows nails. He also knows Oregon, having lived and worked around the state for the past 22 years. And now, he knows about business ownership.

Hoang bought Luxury Nails on North Springbrook Road after working at another Newberg nail salon since 2013. But his experience as a manicurist goes back much further than that.

Originally from Vietnam, Hoang came to the United States in the 1980s. He had experience as a tailor before the move, making just about every kind of clothing, but when he arrived in the country the language barrier made it much harder to work in that field, or any other for that matter.

GARY ALLEN - Doing nails - Luxury Nails owner Kevin Hoang worked in nail salons around Oregon for 22 years before buying his own nail salon on North Springbrook Road. Originally from Vietnam, Hoang worked as a tailor prior to his move to the United States in the 1980s.

Despite having a specialization, Hoang found it hard to hold down more general work in the United States, such as a grocery store position.

“They could tell me to go to aisle four, or six or eight, but I wouldn’t understand what they were saying,” he explained.

After laboring in different jobs he eventually found work in the tailoring field again. At that point, someone suggested he go to beauty school and he decided to try it out. He enjoyed it, even if it took him much longer than his peers to finish the course.

“Most people take two or three months to finish beauty school,” he said. “It took me over a year, because I was still working while going to school.”

When he graduated he found work as a manicurist and eventually made his way to Oregon, where he said he has lived and worked all around the state, including a time when he drove 50 miles one way to work each day to work in a nail salon in Salem.

Now, 28 years after getting into this line of work, Hoang and his wife own their own business.

As they finish up the paperwork and preliminary steps toward business ownership, Hoang has some visions for the future of his salon location, including a possible remodel of the space.

But sooner than that and most importantly, he said, he will get his logo and business slogan up on display, which will encourage visitors to be “happy,” “laugh” and “smile.”

“I want everyone who comes in here to be happy,” Hoang said.

by Colin Staub