Gigi Hadid just made us fall for nail art all over again

Her Coachella digits are the dream
16 April, 2015

Nail art. We got a bit fatigued, didn't we? After obsessively painting our digits all kinds of patterns, shades and textures we then did the extreme and let nude nails reign. Well now we might go full circle thanks to Gigi Hadid reminding us of nail art's merits.

Look at her Coachella manicure. Yeah yeah, we know there's the whole midriff and thigh-flash to contend with and a strong stacking game combining rings and bracelets but focus – because the fingertips are the coolest part.

There's paisley, hot lips, a palm tree and evil eye (our fantasy emoji), all in a multitude of colours, from pastel to metallic. It could be a big old mess, but it works. Why? Because it's imperfectly random and OTT, all while she kept her makeup minimal.

Look to Gigi's festival game face where minimal effort made maximum impact. She got creative with crystal stickers positioned across her forehead to mirror her on point brows - easy, but effective.

We'll keep these ideas in our festival style files for inspiration this summer. Once again the girl well and truly nailed it.

by Bridget March