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For months I've been anticipating a pedicure. I have one about twice a year. I didn't want to do it before my 50K in case I cut my nails uncomfortably short.
Keeping tabs on Lucky Mag's editor-in-chief Eva Chen via Instagram never fails to make me feel like a slacker when it comes to nails (among other things).
Doing an Internet search for nail fungus will produce dozens of articles on how you can get a nasty case of this very common fungus at a salon.
Great news for the ladies: there’s now a safer and more affordable way to get those nails decked in the colors, textures and finishes of your choice.
Nail salons: Where the female elite go to plot world domination -- and get their calluses scraped
Nail expert and OPI executive VP & artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann answers any burning questions you have on OPI, polish, or nails.
First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic has a safe, effective and pain-free way to provide fungal nail treatment in Jacksonville. The clinic's PinPointe Laser Treatment takes only 20 minutes per session and does not come with the side effects that are common with other nail fungus treatment options
Nail fingus is also known as Onychomycosis, caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and non-dermatophyte moulds, living in hot and humid places can also be troublesome, nails will thicken and become brittle, crumble or ragged.
A Des Moines woman accused the owner of a nail salon of spitting on her after she refused to pay full price for a pedicure she said was badly done.