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Temple Mills saw a lot of rain Saturday, but that didn't stop hundreds of people from coming out to the Convoy of Hope event.
Doctors are warning that artificial gel nail polish may be dangerous to your health.
Some artificial nail kits contain toxic chemicals, so it’s important to follow safety precautions when using and storing them.
Nurture your client’s mind, body, and soles with this all-natural, peaceful spa pedicure that’s sure to soothe and calm her senses while making her feet glowing, soft, and beautiful.
Cracks? Grooves? White lines? Your nails can tell you a lot more about your lifestyle than you may realise.
Long nails have always been associated with femininity and beauty, but they can be an open invitation to diseases and other health problems if not maintained properly.
Here’s the sad truth about your beloved manicure: nail polish can make your nails totally suck
Sometimes, what we mostly fail to realize is that there are some key techniques that you need to follow if you don’t want to make mistakes while painting your nails.
In the study, 20.9 per cent of cases involved suspected drug-facilitated sexual assaults.
The Journal of Investigative Dermatology released a new study concluding that UV lamps are in fact safe and do not increase the risk of getting skin cancer.
As the presence of estheticians in cosmetic practices continues to grow, some doctors are starting to incorporate other beauty professionals—including hair stylists and nail technicians—into their practices to offer their patients a “one-stop-shop” for aesthetic care.