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Google defines hipster as, “a ­person who follows the latest trends and fashions, ­especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”
Husband, wife offer long-lasting treatments on Savannah Road
Luxury French childrenswear label Tartine et Chocolat has teamed up with Givenchy for a special mother and daughter nail art day, taking place on Saturday 21st March – and we’re all invited.
This winter has been high on storms but low on sales, according to some business owners in Beirut’s Ashrafieh. But the poor business climate has pushed neighborhood shops to work together to promote their services and wares.
Here's a combination of words that's sure to get you excited... Neon. Glow in the dark. Nail polish.
With a host of talented nail artists and therapists, Tips and Toes has taken the art of beautification to another level.
She prefers the alive nature of a studio – old buildings, wooden floors, where paint is spilled, where art is made.
“Californian women take their nails seriously, so we are thrilled that essie now has a such a stylish, perfect home in Los Angeles,” said Leena Jain
Merchandise tickets will be distributed each day starting at 10:30 AM until the daily limit is reached.
Based on the highly professional nature of the show and large number of qualified attendees, ISSE Long Beach has also become the event to launch new beauty products, services and trends.
Ellison’s Organics debuts My Favorite Things, a collection of winter-ready nail lacquers that includes the holiday duo Did You Mis(tle)toe Me and Merry Kissmas. The company will gift its popular shade Bigger on the Inside at GBK’s 2015 Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge.
In January 1990, Faina Ritz and David Dubrow launched Duri Cosmetics with a single hair removal wax formulation. The formulation was a success and the business expanded to nail lacquers and treatments.