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Get ready for fun new trends that can take you from a professional finish to an elegant night out.
Along with running the business, Cuccio travels the world giving seminars to help spas and salons increase their business and enhance their lives.
Vanessa Hudgens channelled a bit of Kylie Jenner this week when she joined in with the white triangle nail art trend! that we know what your eyeliner says about you according to my totally scientific research, it’s time to delve past the shades and see what each says about your personality.
No one can argue that summer is almost everybody’s favorite time of year to try out some the latest nail polish trends.
Nail technicians are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals every day. The dust and vapors generated from products are close to the breathing zone of you and...
LINCOLN PARK — Neighborhood residents looking for a quick style tuneup before Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend can stop by Hotel Lincoln for a tie-dye party.
In February, the Torrance, Calif., location of the upscale Burke Williams Spas said goodbye to traditional water pedicures and replaced their pedicure treatments with the Red Dragon Steam Pedicure Systems.
Do you have hundreds of old nail polishes that you need to throw away, or are you the type to organize your cosmetics until your bathroom looks like Sephora? Are you into classic reds or daring nail art?
We've got a love hate relationship with the traditional French manicure. On the one hand it is a totally classic beauty look to suit any occasion and outfit. But on the other it is a little, er, boring.
Pixie Lott showed off a fabulous lime green and bright orange manicure over the weekend – and we've already been practising how to copy her look...
We all do not get to attend red carpet events like Alli Simpson, but she is sharing her nail art tips with us for one of our special occasions.