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There’s nothing like a manicure to bring women together. And in the case of “The Women,” a play opening on May 10 at Theatre West in Los Angeles, gossip, secrets and confessions are spilled over a bottle of Jungle Red.
Minx Underwear invites clients to get a little naughty with their nails. Co-designed by Finish nail stylist Mirka Poikkeus, the Underwear coatings are unique in that they are designed to be applied “under” gel, gel polish, acrylic, or even polish.
New polish line Morgan Taylor is named after Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel, daughters of Hand & Nail Harmony (Gelish) CEO and Founder Danny Haile and Executive VP David Daniel. Their site only just officially launched, yet their lacquers have already been up and down runways in New York, London, and Milan for Fashion Week.
Old Navy Launches Ongoing Collection Program with TerraCycle Thanks to the sponsorship of retailer Old Navy, consumers and salons can send their old flip-flops to TerraCycle free of charge and receive exclusive coupons in return. The flip-flops will be recycled into innovative products such as playgrounds, park benches and bike racks.
A new study conducted by The Journal of Investigative Dermatology suggests that UV lamps commonly used for drying nail polish are safe and do not increase one's risk of getting skin cancer.
The first annual industry award in honor of legendary nail tech Tom Holcomb was awarded at ISSE Long Beach.