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Beauty and SCIENCE (or whatever) have joined forces to do away with one of the biggest problems that once stood in the way of great sparkly manicures.
Be it a highlighted half-moon, a gilded tip, or a bit of added bling, these manicures are unique yet wearable.
After stirring up controversy with a recent homophobic Instagram message, 50 cent has gone on the attack again, this time targeting a different rap legend.
Tonight I have a simple spring time manicure featuring shades from the Seche Perfectly Poised Collection.
Fantasy, imagination and creativity were the theme for this year’s amazing nail art competition hosted by NRC’s Beauty Therapy students at Ballymena.
Celestial Cosmetics has really been hitting it out of the park lately with gorgeous linear holos. Tonight I have a few more to swatch for you, courtesy of Color4Nails.
Yesterday I shared my swatches of the new Picture Polish collaboration shades, and today I wanted to show you how I wore Tail Feather.
This season, take a cue from the Spring 2014 runways and experiment with nail art.
Cuccio is making a name for itself with talented educators all across the globe.
Oscar-themed manicures seem like a slam dunk for any vaguely creative nail polish company trying to keep the nail art trend running as long as humanly possible, but some films are more difficult than others to render as nail art.
Tonight I have some Sindie Pop! shades to show you. These are winter shades that will be discontinued soon, so be sure to grab yours ASAP.
Once mocked as the "girl who plays with stinky feet", Lu Qin has upgraded the Chinese pedicure industry into part of the intangible heritage of "Yangzhou's Three Knives".