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Looking to switch up your nail care and coverage routines? All of the extra time spent outside in the summer may require you to pay extra special attention to the health and upkeep of your nails.
A blissful session of manicure not only uplifts your spirits instantly but the finishing touch of a trendy nail polish is a sure-shot route to instant gratification. Here are some of the season's uber-luxe and personalised manicure therapies and on-trend nails that are enticing the discerning clientele.
Yesterday, Nails Inc. announced its collaboration with professional cool girl Alexa Chung. She wore their black leather-effects polish to the 2012 British Fashion Awards, and the shade sold out immediately.
I mostly think that nail art belongs on the hands of tweens and the truly flamboyant. But toes offer a canvas for the rest of us. Stripes and polka dots are a stylish way to welcome sandal season without looking like you’re 12.
The new book "Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure" (Prestel, $29.95) is a lavish and exuberant love letter to fingernails, nail art and manicurists aglitter with 220 fabulous photos, many from other eras.
If you've been keeping up with this blog recently, you may have noticed the Sweet Color Liner Polish popping up quite often.
I've got some news that'll make your wallet do a little happy dance in your purse right now: A $2 nail polish proved to be the most long-lasting in the latest Consumer Reports test, even beating out high-end lacquers and gel hybrids like CND Vinylux—and you might not have even heard of the brand until now.
We’ve all been there. Standing on the subway or sitting in a meeting when a pesky chip catches your eye. Polish may be pretty, but we all know life gets in the way of having a perfect manicure for more than a few days.
Have you ever spent the time and money to get your toenails done and left the salon stoked about your perfect polish, only to get home and discover that your flawless feet are, well…
I'm excited to show you three new KBShimmer Summer 2014 shades that will be available for sale starting this Friday.
Today I have some swatches of new Arcane Lacquer shades. Out of all the indie brands out there, I think Arcane Lacquer best utilizes super fine flakes, fine sparkle and small glitter
I finally finished editing my pictures of this gorgeous spring collection from Polished by KPT. I kept reswatching certain shades because the pictures didn't come out s great as I wanted them to, but now I'm finally satisfied.