Nail polish techniques and tips

27 August, 2013

Some helpful tips when trying nail art on your own include:

  • Use a bobby pin tip to make polka dots. Or use something that has a rounded end, says Maribeth Santiago.

"There are a lot of tools that work in the art section of craft stores," Santiago says.

When making polka dots, load up the tool with polish, but tap off on a surface first. Make varying sizes of polka dots by tapping off several times before dipping in the polish again.

  • Stickers or household tape can be used to mask areas and are easily removed
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the nail. This will help the polish not stick to the area if you go off of the nail bed.
  • Any clean up can be done with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover.
  • If using a neon color, apply a white or silver base before you apply the polish. Neons are known for being very sheer and streaky and can stain the nail.
  • Bubbles in your finished polish can be hidden with rhinestones.
  • If creating a marbled effect, use a slower-drying polish, says Santiago. "You can drag color around if it's already drying," Santiago says. "It won't look good and will clump.
  • Clean polish tools in between colors.