Helpful Hints When Using Powder Gel Nail System

11 April, 2013

• For best results, remove the pterigium from the natural nail focusing on cuticle area and sidewalls. Nails must be completely free of shine.

• Proper tip adhesion (using the rock-on method) and blending the tip completely to the natural nail bed is essential for a natural looking finish. There should be no appearance of the seam line.

• Avoid spraying Gel Cleanser on clear tips as they will crack or shatter from the alcohol base.

• Primer must be used sparingly and must dry to a “chalky white” to maximize adhesion.

• Make sure the Gel Base and Gel Powder covers the nail around sidewalls to prevent cracking in the stress area. Turn nail to the side when applying Gel Powder to insure proper coverage. When applying the Gel Base and Gel Powder layer, stop short of the cuticle and sidewall areas, approximate 1mm, in order to later seal the nail properly with the Gel Top layer. Gel Top has to seal above Gel Base and Gel Powder layer(s).

• Regulate powder usage. Too much powder can result in white spots.

• After curing Gel Base and Gel Powder layer, be sure to file around the cuticle and sidewall areas so they are tapered and cleaned.

• Be sure to clean all nails with Gel Cleanser prior to applying Gel Top to maximize adhesion of gel, reduce shrinkage, and eliminate bumps in finish.

• Apply the Gel Top pass the Gel Base and Gel Powder layer to insure a proper seal and to reduce chance of product lifting.

• Avoid using excessive Gel Top or finished nails will be too thick. Two thin layers of Gel Top are recommended. Use more brush strokes with less Gel Top for a smooth finish.

• Be sure to spray and wipe the nails with Gel Cleanser to finish the nail or it will have a tacky finish. Nails should be shiny and smooth.

•When doing a fill-in,ALL the old Gel Top needs to be filed off prior to adding more base and powder.

Powder Gel¨ Nail System Re-fill Application

1. Removal of Gel Top Coat: Begin to remove shiny Gel Top Coat and blend the new growth using a LeChat 100/180 grit Zebra file. Re-shape and bevel nails to desired shape. Remove dust using nylon nail brush, then spray and clean nails using LeChat Gel Cleanser nail Preparation Solution and lint free wipes.
2.Apply LeChat primer (optional): Apply a small amount of primer to new growth only (make sure to avoid cuticle). Let primer dry to a chalky white finish.
3. Fill-in using Gel Base (blue bottle): Begin applying one coat of Gel Base approximately 1 mm from cuticle down to free edge. Sprinkle with Gel Powder over entire nail while turning client’s finger from side to side to ensure complete coverage. Focus on new growth and side walls. Cure under UV light for 10-15 seconds.At this time, build to make the nails thicker or create more curve using more Gel Base and Powder if necessary. Cure for 2 minutes.
4. Shape and bevel nails to desired shape, buff with LeChat white block buffer. Brush off dust using nail brush, spray and wipe nails using LeChat Gel Cleanser
Finish by applying Gel Top Coat (red bottle) as in basic instructions.

Removing Powder Gel¨ Nail System

1. Sanitize: Clean client’s hands and nails with LeChat Gel Cleanser nail Preparation Solution. Push back cuticle.

2. File off Gel Top Coat: Begin to remove shiny Gel Top Coat using LeChat Zebra file.

3. Removal: Begin to soak client’s nails in acetone for 1 minute. Lift nails from acetone and lightly begin to remove lifting product from each nail using a Zebra file (one hand at a time). Repeat process, re-soak1 minute at a time until Gel product is completely removed.

4. Clean client’s hands and nails with LeChat Gel Cleanser nail Preparation Solution to remove any Gel residue. Then gently buff the natural nail using a LeChat Buffing Sponge to smooth nail. Begin natural nail care. Finish with cuticle therapy using LeChat Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil.

Helpful Hints (for removal)

• You may remove some of the Gel product using a LeChat Zebra File before soaking in acetone.

• Make sure to remove all the old Gel Top layers prior to soak in acetone

• Applying LeChatVitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil to the cuticle prior to soaking may help avoid acetone from drying out the cuticle.

• Cutting down the nails tips will help speed up removal time

by LECHAT South Africa