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If your nail technician asks you to soak your entire finger in acetone, you should get up and leave the salon immediately!!
Over the years, I’ve found a lot of great manicure and pedicure tips that have made the process faster and easier, and the results look more professional. I’ve also asked a few of my favorite beauty bloggers for their best tips!
Nail art can be very distracting—so much so that it’s easy to forget that there is actually keratin under all those layers of lacquer.
Use a bobby pin tip to make polka dots. Or use something that has a rounded end, says Maribeth Santiago.
Whether you prefer your nails to be long or short, they can still look stunning with a little know-how.
Fashion experts have differing views on the French manicure. Some think that the French manicure has gone pass and outdated, while some are of the opinion that the French manicure is a classic that will never go out of style.
For best results, remove the pterigium from the natural nail focusing on cuticle area and sidewalls. Nails must be completely free of shine.
There are a variety of reason why nails lift, and many of them are the result of improper application methods. Make sure that you follow all of the application steps correctly, and if you are still having lifting problems it may just be that you need a little extra help with an additional product like the IBD Dehydrate.
Hints and Tips for water marbling that will hopefully help you out!! Within the next couple of days I will be posting a full tutorial on how to do water marbling.
Get tips on how to make your nails dry faster when you do at-home manicures There's nothing more annoying than spending half an hour getting your nails just right only to have them ruined the minute you put your hand into your purse or need to itch that place behind your ear.
Before applying new polish to your fingernails, you’ll want to remove the old one. Instead of using a harsh acetone solution, look for non-acetone nail polish removers. This will keep your nails healthy and shiny. To remove polish without causing damage, be sure to rub polish away with a cotton pad that won’t scratch the surface of the nail.
When I do nail art, sometimes I only want foil to be in certain places or just for highlighting, so I use an inexpensive paintbrush that I cut thinly to apply my foil glue.