Nail Art Studio: Mardi Gras Feather
17 January, 2016
Jane Weiner Moate demos how to do Mardi Gras Feather.
Nail Art Studio: Galaxy
17 January, 2016
Loni Preato demos how to do Galaxy.
Nail Art Studio: Doodle Nails
14 January, 2016
Jae’tte Burneo demonstrates how to do Doodle Nails.
An Oh-So-Glamorous Nail Design
11 January, 2016
I've created this glamour nails tutorial that features a tribal print design using rich nail polishes — a look that's sure to make your friends jealous in 2016.
07 January, 2016
Mask imperfections with EzFlow TruGel Optimize It! Concealing Base Coat.The product’s soft neutral pigment conceals redness, dullness or discoloration and adds depth to any sheer TruGel shade. (Available in January 2016.)
Sparkling New Year’s Eve Nails
06 January, 2016
So let’s see if we can get some sparkles on our fingertips too, sophisticated and edgy sparkles that is
Nail Art Studio: Shimmering Cheetah
05 January, 2016
Kathleen Shahan demonstates how to do Shimmering Cheetah.
 Nail Art Studio: Painterly Nails
29 December, 2015
Nadja Freund demonstrates how to do Painterly Nails
 How to Use Vetro Gel-Polish
27 December, 2015
The formula features a thick consistency and high pigmentation that is ideal for nail art application.
 Reverse Painting Nail Art with Gelibility
25 December, 2015
Turn regular nail polish into gel-polish and layer colors you can etch out for a cool swirl design.
 Negative Space Christmas Tree Nails
23 December, 2015
In this nail is a symbiosis of two of my favorite looks – negative space and geometric. Just add a Christmas vibe to all this and the perfect Christmas manicure is born!
Snowman Misses His Family
22 December, 2015
Lisa Bennett demonstrates how to do Snowman Misses His Family.