Volkswagen Bus Nail Art

Maddie Williams demos Volkwagen Bus.
17 March, 2016

Maddie Williams demos Volkwagen Bus.


1. Apply CND Shellac Base Coat and cure. Apply two coats of CND Cream Puff, curing between coats.


2. Apply CND Art Basil to the free edge in a “V” shape to create the front end paint of the bus. Apply a small dot of white to begin the VW emblem. Using CND Silver Chrome, apply the thin “V” on the inside of the Art Basil to mimic the front edging of the bus. Use a dotting tool to make the rectangular windows near the top. Cure.


3. Using a small dotting tool and CND Black Pool, outline the windows. Using Silver Chrome and a small dotting tool, create the letters “V” and “W” one under the other, over the top of the original Art Basil circle. Apply a small drop of Black Pool in the location of the headlight on the front “V” and top the dots with small rhinestones for headlights. Cure. Apply CND Shellac Top Coat and cure.

by Nails Magazine