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11 January, 2015
Initially a well-kept secret, the salon recently outgrew its space and upgraded to a larger space in the building next door.
08 June, 2015
Several beauty salons in town were broken into during the overnight hours Tuesday into Wednesday.
10 June, 2015
Following an expository report from The New York Times, Governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced a nail salon worker's Bill of Rights.
30 June, 2015
State lawmakers passed legislation introduced by state Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing) that would target unlicensed nail salons but also protect vulnerable workers.
17 July, 2015
Miranda Mikesh is the owner/operator of Polished Perfect, a new nail salon in Lidgerwood.
26 July, 2015
AUSTIN -- The state of Texas fined Lifestyle Nails and Spa $11,600 following a Defenders investigation.
26 July, 2015
Your dentist doesn't reuse tools on patients; neither should your nail salon
31 July, 2015
Longview’s newest nail salon has added a unique beauty tool to its arsenal. Along with a number of spa treatments, it offers lotions and exfoliates made from natural ingredients.
31 July, 2015
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into a law a bill last week that would shut down unlicensed nail salons and grant trainee status to vulnerable unlicensed workers.
05 August, 2015
After many years of working in a factory, Eddie Vu wanted to do something for himself.
05 August, 2015
After a New York Times story exposed the hazardous health conditions and appallingly low wages of nail salon workers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded quickly and forcefully.
16 August, 2015
Ask Aspen’s Ultimate Nail Salon owner Michael Kim when he was born, and he’ll ask which answer you are looking for: the actual year of his birth, or the year according to his Vietnamese birth certificate.
19 August, 2015
New downtown Saratoga Springs business Glitter Nail Bar, located at 517 Broadway in Suite 201, offers a unique mix of food and rinks with manicures and pedicures.
24 August, 2015
On June 4, 2015, a bill (A4494) was introduced to protect nail salon employees from wage and hour violations and health and safety hazards.
30 August, 2015
Today I am convening an informational hearing in the Capitol as Chair of the Select Committee on Women in the Workplace, bringing together stakeholders to discuss the challenges faced in the industry and to hear personal testimony from nail salon workers.
30 August, 2015
According to the Los Angeles Times, there are approximately 120,000 licensed nail technicians who work in some 48,000 nail salons across California.
29 September, 2015
Observer: Briefly tell us about your business, including any products/services you have.
01 October, 2015
Forget gels and acrylics -- this nail salon will put real diamonds on your nails!
02 October, 2015
Want to look and feel better, inside and out? Then you might want to schedule a mani/pedi with your bestie.
04 October, 2015
Remember the hair salon on The Simpsons called "Curl Up And Dye"? I remember laughing my head off at that, not just because it's a good double pun (both "curl up" and "dye" are hair-relevant), but because the phrase that's being punned on is so off-putting.
04 October, 2015
If something is a toxic chemical, you don’t need to measure it — you need to get rid of it
05 October, 2015
Two trade groups are fighting Gov. Andrew Cuomo's requirement that nail salons obtain insurance against unpaid wages.
05 October, 2015
email If you’ve ever gotten a manicure, it’s easy to relate to Anjelah Johnson’s YouTube stand-up bit “Nail Salon.” The four-minute clip, which has been viewed more than 34 million times, pokes fun at the peculiar experience of getting your nails done and the attendants who throw shade your way—usually in a foreign language.
12 November, 2015
Are there no reporters at the paper other than Sarah Maslin Nir who can cover the issue?
09 December, 2015
A judge last week dismissed a lawsuit filed in September by two Asian-American nail salon trade groups that sought to stop New York State from requiring nail salon owners to purchase bonds to pay workers any wages owed to them
06 January, 2016
After the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission heard about Morris' incident, they sent inspectors inside DN Nails.
04 April, 2016
Getting your nails done is so relaxing, we bet you’ve never thought too much about the germ potential your favorite salon might pose—so here’s a reality check.
17 May, 2016
One year after New York Governor Mario Cuomo established a task force to investigate wage and labor violations with nail salons