New York Makes Another Move To Protect Nail Salon Workers
If something is a toxic chemical, you don’t need to measure it — you need to get rid of it
Hair They Are, the Punniest Salon Names in America
Remember the hair salon on The Simpsons called "Curl Up And Dye"? I remember laughing my head off at that, not just because it's a good double pun (both "curl up" and "dye" are hair-relevant), but because the phrase that's being punned on is so off-putting.
Why A Trip to the Nail Salon is Your New Rx
Want to look and feel better, inside and out? Then you might want to schedule a mani/pedi with your bestie.
Pilot Program Will Gauge Air Quality in New York Nail Salons
A colored indicator light on nail salon lamps will reveal the air quality; the information will also be available to salon managers via an app on their smartphones
Best in Beauty 2015: Nail Polish Remover
Best in Beauty Awards 2015. What kind of nail polish remover do you use to remove your nail polish?
15 Daily Habits of Women With Amazing Nails
They're actually simple, so listen up.
Feeling Frisky? Try this Glam Glitter and Leopard-Print Nail Design
Leopard print is a fun and popular design that is super-easy to create.
Karen Parker Gray: Heiress Leaves $50K To Favorite Nail Salon Tech
Gray also left $50K each to her favorite hairdresser, housekeeper, doorman and even a coat check woman.
Luxury Nail Salon in Orange County Offers $25,000 'Glamicure'
Forget gels and acrylics -- this nail salon will put real diamonds on your nails!
The Beauty Benefits of Caviar
Not only is caviar a decadent treat — it can benefit your hair, skin, and nails, too.
New York Heiress Includes Nail Technician In $3-Million Will
You can't really put a price on beauty — unless you're Karen Parker Gray, the daughter of a former General Electric VP.
Farmington Hills salon handles everything about hair
Observer: Briefly tell us about your business, including any products/services you have.