Nail Spam
I am completely unprepared tonight. So please accept some nail spam as my apologies.
Oopsie Daisies Sanderson Sisters Trio
Tonight I have the Oopsie Daisies Sanderson Sisters trio to show you. Inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus (the rock I lived under didn't have this movie, I'm missing out!), each polish based off of each sister's costume.
Holiday: All-Occasion Nails
At holiday time, you always see a rush on nail services. But the funny thing about this season is that clients’ needs are all over the place! Your long-lasting options will be popular; a manicure that lasts for two weeks is a must for many clients who are too busy for the weekly appointment or who may have a 10-day trip planned.
An Evening In Pink gathers women for the 12th year
Over 200 women gathered to put a nail in breast cancer for the 12th annual "An Evening In Pink" event.
Celebrity Nail Art Junkie: Demi Lovato Manicures Take Over Twitter And Instagram
Starring in the new season of two hit TV shows, a hot new album, and new blue hair, Demi Lovato is on fire! We recently shared the news that the singer/actress in revving up to partner with The New Black nail polish, so we decided to take a closer look at this gal's nail game, and boy do we have a nail junkie on our hands! Click through the slideshow to see for yourself!
Can your nail polish shade predict stock prices?
In an article by Forbes ] a link has been drawn between frugal periods and dark nail polish. The idea could be a replacement for the aforementioned hemline theory, formulated by economist George Taylor in 1926 and fondly (and innumerably) referenced by fashion industry commentators.
If finding the right shade of nail paint was not enough, now the debate is on whether to wear the same shade on our tips and toes.
Nail Pattern Boldness Howl and the Anti Cries (Halloween 2013)
It's October and I can barely contain my excitement for all the Halloween polishes I've been swatching recently. This is without a doubt my favorite holiday and nothing comes close to the happiness I feel wearing Halloween polish!
Salon Perfect First Look Fall Polishes
Hello! Some of you might have already seen this collection in Walmarts across the country. The Salon Perfect First Look Fall Polishes consists of mainly frosty shimmers sold alongside the Matte FX top coat.
Constellation Nails: An Astronomically Accurate Manicure
Must-try nail art for any well-versed stargazer (or fans of holographic stuff)!
Ninja Polish Shillelagh
Hi folks! Today's post is short but sweet. I took these pics a while ago but finally edited them now. Ninja Polish Shillelagh is quite simply the most beautiful green shimmer polish I have ever seen.
Nail Products Reported as Most Popular Cosmetic Item Among Teen Girls
Teen and tween girls are big business for beauty and personal care manufacturers, and according to recent Mintel research, nail products are a "must have" item for this demographic. Indeed, 92% of girls between the ages of nine and 17-years-old use some sort of nail product—making it the most popular cosmetic item among teen girls.