What you should know before getting artificial nails

Here are a few things your manicurist will not tell you about wearing artificial nails.
25 April, 2016

Artificial nails are lovable for so many reasons. If you have short nails, artificial nails will be the ultimate messiah giving you long glamorous nails in an instant, but it doesn’t come easy.

Here are a few things your manicurist will not tell you about wearing artificial nails.

First and foremost it’s important to note that artificial nails hinder the natural flow of blood supply to your natural nails.

That is why upon removing, your natural nails feel weak and brittle and thin like paper.

If your nails are already sick, damaged or weak therefore, its best therefor to stay away from artificial nails altogether as they will only worsen the situation.

Do not wear them constantly

A lot of people that work in the entertainment industry swear they cannot do without artificial nails, not even for one month. This constant use of artificial nails however stands to completely destroy your natural nails completely.

They are high maintenance

You will not be able to wash clothes, button your blouse, clasp a necklace and even typing at your computer may prove to be a problem with these.

If you are a mother or someone with a busy schedule, it’s safer therefore to trim your artificial nails to the size of your natural nails or a little longer otherwise going about normal chores may prove to be a bit of a problem.

They harbor dirt

It’s not news that your nails by their very nature harbour dirt. So get that dirt and double it that is what artificial nails are like.

For example If you are cooking a meal be prepared to have some onions and tomato seeds, enter the back of your nails, gross ,right?

I however advise that you have a toothpick every now and then to ensure that your artificial nails stay dirt free.

They keep nail polish for a longer time

I wore the same nail polish for an entire month with artificial nails, a feat I could never have achieved for even one week with my natural nails for even a week.

They are not easy to remove

Artificial nails do not easily go away, perhaps because the glue that is used to stick them off is so hard, it’s special. The easier and more expensive way to remove artificial nails is to simply dip them in a bowl of acetone.

Acetone is a colorless volatile flammable liquid that simply erodes the artificial nails. It works like an acid, simply making them disappear such that you can’t even trace them.

The less expensive way is to dip your nails in cold water and slowly work through the glue that sticks them. Do not try this alone as it could damage your real nails.

You are then required to file the surface of your nails and shape them to get back to their original shape.

from link: www.newvision.co.ug