Signature Services: Toasted Coconut Hot chocolate Pedicure

This skin-smoothing treatment is crisp yet sweetly comforting. A creamy milk bath with coconut milk and chicory root soothes before a thorough exfoliation. A chocolate mask, rich in CoQ10, provides antioxidants and nourishment, breathing new life into your clients’ skin. A shea and cocoa butter massage finish leaves skin with warm, sweet notes of coconut.
24 May, 2016
<p>Salon Salon on Pine Beauty Boutique &amp; Spa, Anna Maria, Fla.</p>

Salon Salon on Pine Beauty Boutique & Spa, Anna Maria, Fla.

Shopping List
o Farmhouse Fresh Coconut Cream Milk Bath Soak  
o Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Salt Scrub   
o Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Mask
o Farmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road Shea Butter Cream

1. Pour coconut milk bath soak into the pedi basin and soak the client’s feet.
2. Trim and file the toenails and perform cuticle care.


3. Apply salt scrub along the feet and calves to remove dead skin. Use a pumice stone to smooth any calluses. Rinse the legs and feet well.



4. Apply the chocolate mask to the feet and legs. Leave on to dry for 10-20 minutes. Remove with warm, damp towels.
5. Apply the shea butter cream and massage the feet and lower legs for 10 minutes.



6. Cleanse the nails and apply a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat.


Price: $50

Tweak this Recipe:  Offer the client a cup of hot coconut-chocolate or a frosty coconut-chocolate smoothie and use an alternate name, such Cozy Tropical Pedicure.

by Nails Magazine