Seven Tips for Picking a New Nail Salon

Getting a manicure or a pedicure can be a soothing retreat, and although the majority of salons practice good hygiene, it important to be sure any place that does nails is clean and there is no risk for contracting an infection.
20 February, 2014


Doing some research can help ensure a healthy and relaxing nail salon experience.

Get Some Recommendations

Asking family, friends, and colleagues for places they recommend is a good place to start. People who regularly get their nails done, and are picky about cleanliness, are particularly valuable resources.

Are They Licensed?

Once some acceptable salons have been identified, check them out in person before scheduling a nail salon appointment. In addition to perusing the nail polish colors, make sure to look for the salon’s license on the wall, and ask to see it if it is not displayed. Each technician should also be individually licensed.

Consider the Location

The salon’s location can be an important piece of criteria in the decision process. Ideally the salon is close to your home, work, or school so a visit does not require a lot of extra travel time. Getting your nails done is supposed to be relaxing, and there’s usually nothing relaxing about a 40 minute drive.

Ask Questions

Don’t be shy about asking questions of the salon staff. A particularly Important topic to discuss is how the salon cleans its tools and footbaths, as infections and other diseases are most commonly spread through these two sources. All tools must be thoroughly sterilized, preferably by a process called autoclaving. Other options for sterilization are UV light and liquid disinfectants. Footbaths should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use, but for an added level of protection, considering going to a salon that uses plastic lined foot spas. The liners are discarded after each use and replaced with new ones. Most importantly, avoid any business that is uncomfortable or unwilling to answer questions about their hygiene practices.

Are the Employees Conscientious and Pleasant?

A well-kept nail salon is strong indication of diligent employees who will likely provide their customers conscientious service during nail salon appointments. When spending time and money on a manicure or pedicure, it is important to be pleased with every facet of your experience. A great manicure and pedicure can take a fair amount of time, so it really helps if the technicians have a pleasant disposition.

The Nose Knows

How a salon smells can have an impact on the overall experience, in addition to being a telltale sign of improper ventilation. If the odor of nail polish and other salon chemicals is overwhelming, the business may not be properly ventilated. Extended exposure to unhealthy nail salon fumes should be avoided.

Look for a Website

An established nail salon typically has a website, and this generally gives a business more credibility. Try searching online to see if the salon you are looking into has an online presence. A website may feature some examples of nail work, so prospective customers can decide if they like what they see before scheduling an appointment.

A nail salon appointment can be an escape from the pressures of the day. Following these suggestions can help you to find a salon that offers the professional service that lives up to your expectations.

by Earsucker