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We caught up with Editorial Director, Elise Wright to chat all things nail bling, Katy Perry and the worst manicure she's ever seen. Check out our exclusive interview below!
13 September, 2013

Elise Wright

Tell us about is all about inspiring beautiful nails. We talk about nail health, the products you need at home, what to look for on the ingredient list, salon etiquette, and trends for this season. We're the ultimate nail resource.

What do you love about nails?

Looking after your nails is an affordable luxury. We understand a lot of women might not be able to wear the latest fashions, but they can always be on trend with the hottest IT color of the season that they found at the drug store for under $10! It's also a way of expressing yourself - well cared for nails (both hands and feet) show you pay attention to the details. Plus, they show your personality - you can always tell my mood by my nail color!

What are some major trends for nails this fall?

We'll be seeing a return to pared back chic - lots of nudes, sheer pinks, camel, and white. These colors look best on short nails, both round and tapered square. We'll also see lots of rich jewel tones - emerald, navy, and burgundy. These shades are classically fall, but the look is updated by adding a matte topcoat.

Favorite nail trend?

I really enjoy subtle nail art - things like a simple black stripe across a white nail, a bright pink tip on a nude nail, a metallic feature nail. It's like a little hint of fun in a serious world.

Best-seen nail art? Where was it and who had it?

This changes weekly as people are always pushing the boundaries, but one that sticks in my mind was Katy Perry rocking Obama on her nails at a fundraiser in 2012. She had Obama on her nails! It was incredible. Minx Nails sold that nail set after the event and I always regret not buying them for posterity.

What was the worst nail look you've seen?

I don't know whether to say this was the worst or the best, but at the 2013 VMAs rapper Chanel West Coast rocked some insanely OTT nail rings. The logistics alone of wearing them are mind-boggling!

Who are 5 celebs you think have the best nail style?

I always keep an eye out for Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, and Zooey Deschanel. They always rock interesting nail art, which makes award season fun.

3 style tips for rocking that perfect nail look?

I have my three C's - Make sure your nails are clean, your polish is chip-free, and that you feel comfortable with the length and shape. And a bonus C - feel confident! Nails are supposed to be fun and reflect your personality!

Elise Wright
Elise Wright
by Gregory DelliCarpini Jr