In-Office Manicure, Tested By Poroma

We try out the fuss-free manicure that you can get at your desk!
30 August, 2013

WHERE: Ahlan! HQ, which was visted by The NailSpa team who are now offering in-office spa services, 04 339 9078,

HOW LONG: 25 minutes

HOW MUCH: Prices start at Dhs115

THE TREATMENT: We’re thrilled Nail Spa is now offering to pamper clients at their very own workspace! This time-saving concept offers a range of services from manicures to facials for those days when you have a night out after a work or when you simply need to de-stress! Here at Ahlan! we thought we’d see what it was all about, so we invited The Nail Spa team to our HQ. The therapists arrived promptly and took over a small area of our canteen, recreating a spa environment for us to unwind in.
All I had to do was relax while the manicurist cleaned my nails and began the treatment. She first asked me to choose from a wide new range of Nail Spa polishes. I decided to try out the new accent nail trend which we’ve seen Nicki Minaj and Anne Hathaway sporting recently. This meant having one of my nails painted a different colour than the rest. I chose two shades: ‘Barbie’ neon pink and bubblegum pink. The manicurist filed and then buffed my nails, and finally cleansed my hands. She ensured that each nail was shaped properly, and trimmed back the cuticles before applying the nail colour.

THE RESULTS: I love my newly accented nails. The Essie polish hasn’t chipped over the last three days since it was applied, and the ‘bring the spa to work’ concept is without doubt convenient. Order it as a special treat for a friend, or even a colleague who’s helped you out. It’s nice to be nice!

by Lindsay Judge