4 nail mistakes you're probably making

Katie Jane Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador for butter LONDON and the woman behind the nail looks at 10 New York Fashion Week shows, knows pretty much all there is to know about manicures, but her advice is surprisingly simple.
13 September, 2013

Katie Jane Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador for butterWe chatted with her at butter LONDON's New York Fashion Week lounge at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday and found out we're guilty of making some really common mistakes-- and we bet you are, too.

1. Impatiently waiting for your nails to dry? "Don't blow on them!" Hughes says. The moisture in your breath can cause bubbles to occur in the freshly painted polish. 

2. Most nail salons soak your hands before a manicure, but "water and nails don't mix," Hughes says. When you soak your hands, your nail bed expands. The expanded nail bed is what's painted, leaving you with excess polish once it shrinks back to its normal size. "The polish is too baggy for the nail, which makes it chip faster," she says.

3. Never cut your cuticles, which Hughes says can cause irreparable damage to the nail's matrix (the tissue at its base). Just push them back, instead.

4. You only need a full manicure once a month, Hughes says. "Polish changes [in between] are much more cost-effective."

by Nina Ruggiero