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A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert: April 2015
24 March, 2015
In this month’s column, Dr. Stern discusses the most common causes of onycholysis and its treatment.
This Beverly Hills Salon Is Cutting Edge
24 March, 2015
Custom bedazzled Beats By Dre headphones and iPads at each customer’s disposal are just two examples of how House of...
How to Remove Acrylics
19 March, 2015
Make sure you're following this step-by-step process to a T when taking off acrylics.


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Easter Bunny
18 March, 2015
Loni Preato demonstrates Easter Bunny nail art.
April Showers
18 March, 2015
Victoria Zegarelli demonstrates April Showers nail art
Easter Chick
18 March, 2015
Jade Sewell demonstrates Easter Chick nail art.
Hello Sailor
18 March, 2015
Elsbeth Schuetz demonstrates Hello Sailor nail art.
Spring Bouquet
18 March, 2015
Sam Rivenbank demonstrates Spring Bouquet nail art.