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Swedes spend fortune on nail polish trend
25 August, 2014
Swedes are spending more than ever on makeup - and a growing chunk is going directly to their fingernails, new figures...
Make Your Own Nail Art with INNI Customizable Nail Wraps
20 August, 2014
INNI Nails, a customizable nail wrap brand, launched in the US and is bringing nail art to the next level.
Now Trending for Nails: No-Light Gel Polishes
14 August, 2014
Check out several of the big brands who have ventured into the no UV-light territory.


  • 3 Cute Nail Art Designs for Spring/Summer 2014 - Part 2
  • Green shimmery tips & Pink Flowers nail art
  • Purple Flower Nail Art
  • Black & Neon Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial


DIY newspaper nails
20 August, 2014
Newspaper nail art is a fun and easy way of dressing up a regular manicure
Nail Art Studio: Sunshine
10 August, 2014
Lenzi Brock demonstrates how to do Sunshine nail art.
Nail Art Studio: Charming Cherries
10 August, 2014
Elsbeth Schuetz demonstrates how to do Charming Cherries nail art.
Gold Foil and Roses
24 July, 2014
Design a classy manicure covered in regal purple roses and gold fit for a queen!
Green Abstract Design
10 July, 2014
Amaze your clients with neon! Easily replicate this abstract idea using any color your clients prefers; we love this...