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6 Ways To Save Money On (Polish) Shopping
29 November, 2015
With new exciting collections popping up almost every day, the only question is how to satisfy your cravings without...
The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands
26 November, 2015
"Shape is everything! A nail in a beautiful color but that is the wrong shape for the hand sends the message that every...
Adele’s Gorgeous Metallic Nails On ‘SNL’ — Get The Exact Look
25 November, 2015
Adele completely slayed her performance of ‘Hello’ on ‘SNL’ on Nov. 21, but we also loved her metallic mani! Get her...


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Feeling Frisky? Try this Glam Glitter and Leopard-Print Nail Design
29 November, 2015
Leopard print is a fun and popular design that is super-easy to create. It's also easy to embellish and customize. I...
Nail Art Studio: Winter Wonderland
26 November, 2015
Amy Rigsby demonstrates how to do Winter Wonderland
Glitter Star Nail Art for Out of This World Digits
25 November, 2015
Star nail art can be enjoyed year-round, not just on patriotic holidays. This step-by-step guide will show you how to...
Festive Marble with OPI Starlight Collection
24 November, 2015
OPI Global Nail Artist Vu Nguyen created a step-by-step for a marbled look you can offer to clients this holiday...
Nail Art Studio: Holiday Shimmer
22 November, 2015
Karla Rochelle demonstrates Holiday Shimmer.