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6 Ways to Tell if Your Nail Salon Is Safe
26 July, 2015
Your dentist doesn't reuse tools on patients; neither should your nail salon
From The Pros: How to Prevent Yellow Nails
26 July, 2015
It’s happened to the best of us: Even the prettiest of shades have a dark side and can sometimes leave your nails...
26 July, 2015
Q: Which salon tools are supposed to be disinfected?


  • Nails with 3D Roses
  • Nail polish & liner
  • 3D Gel Nail art
  • Nail Art Poppy design One stroke


Nail Art Studio: Summer Flowers
24 July, 2015
Karla Rochelle demonstrates Summer Flowers
Nail Art Studio: Nautical Compass
22 July, 2015
Shannon Rooney demonstrates Nautical Compass.
Nail Art Studio: Dream Catcher
22 July, 2015
Marquita Bush demonstrates Dream Catcher.
Nail Art Studio: Butterfly Tattoo
21 July, 2015
Masako Sasaki demonstrates Butterfly Tattoo.
How-to: 3-D Ice Cream Nail Art
15 July, 2015
Just in time for summer, this nail tech offers this tutorial on a mouthwatering 3-D dessert look.